PAI 2030: Practice Focused


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    Gretchen Glaspy

    PAI has published their 2030 recommendations.

    There are six practice focused initiatives:
    1. Pharmacists should collaborate with patients, families, and caregivers to ensure that treatment
    plans respect patients’ beliefs, values, autonomy, and agency.
    2. The pharmacy workforce should lead medication reconciliation processes during care transitions
    (e.g., emergency department, upon admission and discharge, ambulatory-care setting,
    community pharmacy, long term care).
    3. The pharmacy workforce should collaborate with patients, caregivers, payers, and healthcare
    professionals to establish consistent and sustainable models for seamless transitions of care.
    4. Pharmacist documentation related to patient care must be available to all members of the
    healthcare team, including patients, in all care settings.
    5. The pharmacy workforce should partner with patients and the interprofessional care team to
    identify, assess, and resolve barriers to medication access, adherence, and health literacy.
    6. Patients must have access to a pharmacist in all settings of care.

    Let’s start the discussion on #2–med reconciliation during all care transitions. How do you currently handle med recs? Are med recs only performed upon admission, discharge, or both?

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