2019 Convention Handouts

AKPhA does not provide paper handouts at Convention.  Each session’s slides are posted below in case you wish to print and bring on your own, or follow along online during Convention.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Acute Care/Hospital Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) Workshop  (Freitag, DesRivieres)

Major Depressive Disorder:  I Got The Blues 

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction

Incorporating Technology and Regulatory Readiness

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Pharmacist Billing for Cognitive Pharmacy Services:  Barriers and Opportunities

Backcountry Medicine–Hypothermia Management

Simplifying HIV Treatment Now and in the Future

Pharmacy in Africa–Ebola Vaccine Clinical Trials

ABCs of Leadership:  Tips, Tricks and Traits of a Leader

Podium Poster Presentations  (BAIBLACK,  BEGAY-BRUNOFJELD)

2019 Legislative & Government Affairs Update

Assessing Renal Function for Pharmacists:  What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

DEA Update

From NOACs to DOACs:  The Ongoing Evolution of Blocking the Common Pathway

Helping Our Patients Breathe:  Asthma & COPD Primer for the Pharmacy Team

Managing HCV and DM:  The Impact of a Cure

Project Management for Health Care Professionals

Cannabis:  Uprooting the Farmacology

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Hot Off the Press:  New ACC-AHA Cholesterol Guidelines

Curve Your Enthusiasm:  Using AUC:MIC Dosing to Optimize Vancomycin Dosing

AKConnect! – Round Table CE Session

Board of Pharmacy Regulation Update

Budding Therapies:  Medical Cannabis and Its Uses

Points of Dispensing in Public Health Emergencies

Oh The Choices–Safely Navigating the World of OTC Medications

SETMuPP–Transforming Pharmacy Practice

Immunization Update

IV Sterile Compounding, Risks & Safety

Rash Decisions–Approaches for Antibiotic-associated Hypersensitivity Reactions