2020 Convention Evaluations

To receive credit, participants must attend each activity in its entirety and submit an evaluation for EACH activity and the Convention Evaluation/Needs Assessment by midnight, Sunday, February 16th.  No credit will be processed unless evaluations have been received and participants are current members of AKPhA.  CPE credit will be posted to the online CPE Monitor system within 60 days of the convention.

2020 Pharmacist Needs Assessment

2020 Technician Needs Assessment

Friday, February 7, 2020

Sustainable Pharmacist-Provided Healthcare Services:  A Documentation, Medical Billing and Advocacy Primer

The Role of Pharmacy in Preventing Suicide

Precepting Pharmacy Students and Residents

AK Medicaid Update

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Shaping the Future of Pharmacy

Performing Under Pressure:  Using Neuroscience to Enhance How We Respond During Emergencies

Trends in Advanced Pharmacy Practice and Professional Development Through Board Certification

Podium Poster Presentations

Counterfeits in America

Effective Grassroots Involvement in the Policymaking Process

HIV Antiretroviral Review and Pharmacist Impact

Opioid Free

Adventures in Pharmacy

Waging a War Against Obesity with Fasting Protocols and Nutraceuticals

Demystifying the Hematology Alphabet Soup:  AIHA, TTP/HUS, & ITP

Expanding Roles in Pharmacy:  Whiteriver’s Approach to Practicing at the Pinnacle

Going Keto?  Therapeutic Considerations for People on the Ketogenic Diet

Pandora’s Box:  2019 Oncology and Hematology Medications

CAP Guidelines 2019:  Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Nothing Blue

Speaking TECHnically:  Education, Certifications and Career Opportunities for Technicians

Legislative/Government Affairs Update

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Seeing the Problem You Don’t See:  The Art of Helping People Change

AKConnect! – Roundtable CE Session

Board of Pharmacy Update

Pharmacogenomics:  An Introduction to Personalized Medicine

Opioid Use Disorder and Medication Assisted Therapy

STD/HIV Disease in Alaska:  Trends, Services, and Innovation

Vaping and E-cigarettes

USP 797 Roundtable Discussion

Malnutrition & the Refeeding Syndrome:  Why all the Phos?

Women’s Health:  Overview of Common Prevention & Treatment Strategies

Preceptor Development:  Assessing Learner Performance, Providing Feedback, and Completing Evaluations