Emergency Staff for Practice Sites (COVID-19)–Continually Updated

Available Pharmacists:

Robert Albertson (Anchorage), 907-337-4280
Charlene Hampton (Anchorage), 907-947-5717
Roberta Hull (Anchorage), 907-727-3373
Nancy Kavan (Anchorage), 907-229-4403
Alex Marinelli (Juneau), 907-242-5486
Renee Robinson (Anchorage), 614-595-3887
Peter Sohn (Anchorage), 408-722-1188
Jessica Thompson (Anchorage), 801-458-1844

Available Technicians:

Talethia Bogart (Anchorage), 806-773-6300
Robin Demoski (Fairbanks), 907-799-4269
Naiomi Morales Cortes (Pharmacy Student, JBER), 808-868-9344
Olivia Swonger (Anchorage) 479-208-0200

If you are a pharmacist or pharmacy technician in Alaska who is willing to work temporarily to help another practice site in Alaska, please complete sign-up below. By providing us your information, you agree to have your name, city, phone linked above for help in the event of an emergency.